The make-up looks for the DIOR fall 2023 collection

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Peter Phillips, Creative Director And the image of the DIOR MAKE-UP department to design makeup looks. It uses the sharpness of the eyeliner under the eyes. To enhance the eyes of the models at the DIOR Fall 2021 collection from Maria Gracia Chiuri. At LONG MUSEUM WEST BUND in Shanghai, China


Peter Phillips explains: “I emphasize the look of my makeup by accelerating the contrast of the eyeliner. Starting from using beige in 5 COULEURS COUTURE 649 NUDE DRESS add brightness Soften the eyelids. Then use DIORSHOW ON STAGE LINER 091 MATTE BLACK to draw a thick black line along the lower lash line ufabet

Which in addition to drawing a sharp and slender eye shape Also slit the line into the corner of the eye as well, adding DIORSHOW 24H STYLO 091 MATTE BLACK to the line of tears or the lash line before decorating the eyebrows according to the natural contours, around the eyes is the last by using DIORSHOW BROW STYLER.


Peter Phillips said, “Perfect skin Must the light sparkle. This is due to the preparation of the skin with a skin care routine from CAPTURE TOTALE, which includes the new CAPTURE TOTALE SUPER POTENT EYE SERUM that I apply all over the skin around my eyes, then I use the primer DIOR FOREVER SKIN VEIL SPF 20 to help reduce the appearance of the skin.

The appearance of wrinkles and flaws before applying DIOR FOREVER thin to make the skin look smooth and smooth, concealing and adding radiance to the skin at the same time. For any remaining defects, I used a drop of DIOR FOREVER SKIN CORRECT to touch the points. And blend Then whisk the powder DIORSKIN MINERAL NUDE MATTE thin and DIOR FOREVER PERFECT FIX fixation make a final “


” reveals the natural beauty of your lips with a fully ROUGE DIOR SATIN BALM 000.
DIORNATURAL moisturizes And if there is a need to add some color, I use ROUGE DIOR 434 SATIN PROMENADE to add it to a thin layer . ”

Nail it

up to look natural with DIOR VERNIS 108 MUGUET.