Learn the rules of playing card games

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The method of card games playing is to bring the hand to the lowest value and then show the hand in comparison with the other players in the circle. The person with the lowest number of cards wins the round. It’s easy to understand even if you’ve never played it before.

  • In the first step, the staff starts to deal cards around the circle , the card game, there is no dealer, start the first round, start dealing with anyone first. The next round is given to the person. Who won the previous round as the first hand. Round to the left are dealt 5 cards each.
  • second step Each person totals their hand points. The calculation method is similar to Pok Deng, where cards A are worth 1 point, cards 10, J, Q, K are worth 0 points, and other cards are worth 2-9 points according to face numbers. If the score exceeds the tens digit, it will be deducted. Leaving only the digits of the unit digits. For example, cards 6+9 = 15 will count equal to 5 points. Usually, the first round of cards. With a total of less than 20 points should be shown. high chance of winning
  • the third step if the total score is high In the second round, the first person draws a community card and discards the card. The next person can immediately discard the card of the same rank as the first person. Do not draw a community card. But if there are no cards of the same points must draw cards as well

Vocabulary you should know before playing card games

The card game , gambling, fun and easy to understand, so it’s very popular. There are some words in the game that you should know: สมัคร UFABET

  • Kang is a word used when you are certain that your hand is less than the other players. Talk and show the cards and compare the scores to finish the game. If the cardholder holds the lowest card, he wins. If the points are equal, the person who can win as well
  • Draw is to pick a card from the middle one at a time. If the community card runs out The system will automatically be the last person to cache.
  • Flow or Follow means discard cards of the same rank as the previous player. without drawing cards called normal flow The person who is flowing has to pay the flow fee for the person who is flowing. In the event that the next player has the same cards as the first. They can discard them. call the flow For the next player with the same card. Discard the following card and the card is completely out of hand. called suction The sucked player receives 3 times the amount of the person who discarded the card.
  • Breaking the curve means if there is no central investment After the first person scolded but lost to the person with the least points. The loser has to pay for everyone in the band. But if the central money before playing and then the person who lingered before losing Must pay on behalf of everyone equal to the pot. 

How to start playing card game?

For those who are interested in playing card games online, should first check the website whether there is a card game menu available or not. Found it, press the game symbol to enter the menu. Then follow the sequence of steps below.

  1. Choose a betting room type There are different levels of rooms to choose from. From novice to professional Start playing on demand now.
  2. Choose the chip used to place bets. Budget should be set in advance. and select the appropriate chip for convenience.
  3. start each game round The system will deal cards to everyone. by distributing round after round until 5 cards are complete
  4. The first player starts to press the play button. By starting with the card in the event that the total points are less than 20 points or choose to draw a card to make fewer points. Must make a choice within 12 seconds. If the timer expires, the system will automatically press the button for the player.
  5. In the event that the first round has a special card will end the game immediately Win or lose with special cards will be decided after the first round of cards are dealt. and play the cards in order until the order that they have played is considered the winner in that round immediately And the winner of the first round will play first in the next round.