How to buy Online lottery tickets is not difficult, you just need to know

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Hello fellow gamblers For anyone who has been playing lottery for a long time, whether it is government lottery. Underground lottery or online lottery. But luck is rarely on the side. never won an award We’d like to say that it’s not uncommon at all. Because really, the percentage of winning the prize of gambling. With the lottery There is a very small percentage of 1000000 tickets. There will be only 14,168 winning lottery tickets. Only 1.4168%, but even if the chances of winning the prize are small But there are rational ways to increase your chances. which in this article we took. How to buy lottery tickets correctly with 3 techniques to buy lottery tickets for you. ทางเข้า UFABET

3 techniques on how to buy lottery tickets correctly

These techniques we can use both with government lottery that is issued twice a month, underground lottery or online lottery. We have 3 techniques for you as follows.

Using statistical data to calculate numbers

The information will be lottery statistics with the past lottery prizes issued. which we are unable to predict which lottery numbers will be released exactly Therefore, we should study the statistics of numbers. Which we will highlight the bottom two prizes that in the numbers 00 – 99 will be the numbers that will be drawn most often. which includes from the lottery statistics for the past 2 years, there are a total of 480 draws

When looking at the last two digits of the last two stats issued in the past 2 years. We will focus on the least drawn numbers or never. because in the design of random numbers. Each number has the same chance of being drawn. So whichever number that is the least drawn has a greater chance. Of occurring than the number that has already come out a lot.

how to diversify

Buying a good lottery You need to diversify the risk of buying lottery tickets. even if the profits are less But it increases the chances of winning the lottery more as well.

for example

You have 9 as your main purchase number. You choose to buy 19 goals as follows: 09, 90 ,19 ,91 ,… ,98 ,99 , which in this way will increase your chances of winning more numbers. And the important thing is not to change numbers often. If you like a number, you should enter that number until it is correct. Because anyway, the number is only 0-9, one day it must come out the number that you have been trying to buy for sure.

Buying Lottery by Faith

  • buy numbers according to the chinese calendar Although the numbers on the Chinese calendar that we are familiar with are still unable to find the main source. But most of the lottery masters use the numbers they get to bet on various forms of lottery, including Thai lottery and foreign lottery. which the Chinese calendar lottery also gives luck for many draws as well
  • Buy numbers based on important events. no matter what important events One of the colors that is indispensable is the lottery people who hit the numbers at every opportunity. Whoever has high hitting skills will have some advantages over others.
  • buy dream numbers Most often hit the dream number the night before the lottery. or outstanding dreams own or someone close to you, such as dreaming of seeing Ganesha, dreaming of seeing gold
  • Asking for a lottery with sacred things Some people who believe in sacred things or famous guru will go to ask for fortune according to the occasion and appropriateness

When you implement these methods It will definitely increase your chances of trying your luck. Who rarely wins the lottery Let’s try to use these methods. I’m sure it will help. More or less for sure.