Allardyce: Bruno is not suitable for the role of Captain Ghost

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Former manager Sam Allardyce believes Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes is unfit to captain the club due to his emotional state and lack of leadership.

The Portugal international was heavily criticized for his 7-0 defeat to Liverpool last week for his poor attitude. On several occasions this season. He has been talke about for ranting about unfavorable decisions, which Allardyce thinks Bruno has a problem with controlling his temper, making him unfit to captain the ufabet team.

“Does he look like that? He’s temperamental,” Allardyce told William Hill. “That’s his nature, isn’t it?”

“He waved his hand. We’ve seen enough of this last year as if it wasn’t his fault. it’s his mood It was the way he showed his emotions and waved his hands. which, as a team manager It’s the last thing you want.”

“He is a very technical player. But he may not have leadership qualities. You have to choose leadership qualities in your team and these qualities come in many forms.”

“You can’t have the best player captain if he’s not a leader. Because you might ruin his game. Some players might turn around and say, ‘Why didn’t you shut up? Are you kidding me, and what are you ordering me?'”